London St. Patrick´s Day celebrations ended with a parade and concert in Trafalgar Square

The celebrations of St. Patrick´s Day, the patron saint of Ireland, took place last Friday and over the weekend, all around the world. Not only Ireland turned green, but also the United Kingdom, where the Irish community cheerfully celebrates the day of 17th March. The accompanying program was also running in Trafalgar Square. There were a number of musical, dance and craft performances, accompanied by the popular Irish beer Guinness and traditional Irish food. The main London St. Patrick´s Day Parade took place on 19th March, which was livened up by the colourful masks, trefoils and the ubiquitous colour green. Well-known Irish musicians and bands appeared in Trafalgar Square, for example Liam Ó Maonlaí, Lisa Lambe and Derek Ryan. The Irish ambassador Daniel Mulhall and current Mayor of London Sadiq Khan talked about St. Patrick´s Day as an open festival for people from all communities, interconnecting all cultures around the world. Indeed, St. Patrick´s day 2017 was celebrated not only by Irish community, but it was a cheerful, lively and fun festivity for everybody.
The celebration of St. Patrick´s Day in Trafalgar Square. Photo: Barbora Sajmovicova
The celebration of St. Patrick´s Day in Trafalgar Square. Photo: Barbora Sajmovicova
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