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Iemanja: A Uruguayan celebration of the Yoruba goddess of the sea

Uruguay is famous for its endless pastures and beaches, its yerba mate tea, tango, and candombe music, which, with its African roots, epitomises the country’s rich cultural and ethnic diversity. The Yoruba religion is a further African feature that has … Read More

Mexico´s Day of the Dead: an Endless Dance of Life and Death

  In the West death is generally perceived as the end of life and existence and so it promotes feelings of fear and anxiety. Anything connected to death is taboo and pushed to the edge of society as the antithesis … Read More

10 things that make Uruguay, Uruguay

  Uruguay is a small country wedged between the vast territories of Argentina and Brazil, lapped on one side by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The Uruguayans had to battle hard for their independence at the time of colonialism, … Read More

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Veronika Eisensteinová: I breathe new life into old trees

  Veronika Eisensteinová: I breathe new life into old trees   Veronika Eisensteinová is one of only a few women who work in carpentry. It was something of a chance experience that she started to work with wood. She was … Read More

Filmmaker Michal Gálik: Anyone Can Change the World

  Filmmaker Michal Gálik: Anyone Can Change the World   Michal Gálik is a young Slovak documentary filmmaker, best known for the film Zelená Poušť (Green Desert), a documentary which introduced the truth behind the palm oil industry to a … Read More

An interview with a Tibetan Monk in Prague

  An interview with a Tibetan Monk in Prague: An insight into Tibetan culture, identity and the realities of life from the personal experience and opinions of a monk living far from home.     Our interview with Tibetan lama … Read More

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History of Greece from ancient times to Herodotus´ Histories

  The Histories by Herodotus represents one of the most important works of ancient literature. It is remarkable how carefully Herodotus described the world of the Greeks and the events that shaped Greek history. The aim of this article is … Read More

Ethnogenesis of the Somali People and language

  Ethnogenesis describes the early nation-building process of Somalis, about whom references can be found in Ethiopian written records from at least the beginning of 1500 AD, under the name Somalis.1.The term ‘Somalis’ appears for the first time in a … Read More

Revitalising city life

  In 2012 Danish director Andreas Dalsgaard made a documentary entitled The Human Scale. The documentary explored the principle challenges of fast-growing cities and asked how dignified and full lives could be led in these megacities. The documentary featured Jan … Read More