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10 things that make Uruguay, Uruguay

  Uruguay is a small country wedged between the vast territories of Argentina and Brazil, lapped on one side by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The Uruguayans had to battle hard for their independence at the time of colonialism, … Read More

How difficult it is to be a Mahmúd

We are riding in an old battered Ford by the desert while the sun sets, after an afternoon swimming in Ain Sukhna – from the hotel´s beach resort. This is one of the few beaches in Egypt where mixed groups … Read More

Vegan Christmas Fayre in London

  London, as well as Prague, is a city replete with feasting events in the run up to Christmas. The shiny and glittering shop windows in Oxford Street entice their customers, like the other London streets, with illuminated Christmas decorations, … Read More

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New generation of Kenya

  This interview with a director of the Czech non-profit organization ´ShineBean´, Renata Rokuskova, is about the current state of the Kenyan schooling system, the attitude of children to education and their opportunities in the future.  We also learn more … Read More

Navjyot Vyas

    Navjyot Vyas (a photographer) Navjyot Vyas was born in 1994, in Gujarat in India. He studied at Alpha High school in Junagadh. He graduated in English and Comparative Literary Studies from the Saurashtra University Rajkot (BA). During his … Read More

Leopold Jaroslav Pospisil

    Prof. PhDr. JUDr. Leopold Jaroslav Pospisil, Ph.D. DSc. Leopold Jaroslav Pospisil is a well-known professor of comparative law, who has held an influential position at Yale University for more than two decades. Leopold Pospisil is one of the … Read More

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Ethnogenesis of the Somali People and language

  Ethnogenesis describes the early nation-building process of Somalis, about whom references can be found in Ethiopian written records from at least the beginning of 1500 AD, under the name Somalis.1.The term ‘Somalis’ appears for the first time in a … Read More

Revitalising city life

  In 2012 Danish director Andreas Dalsgaard made a documentary entitled The Human Scale. The documentary explored the principle challenges of fast-growing cities and asked how dignified and full lives could be led in these megacities. The documentary featured Jan … Read More

Zealots and Sicarii in the Maelstrom of the First Jewish-Roman War

  Perhaps no other war in the history of the Middle East was more motivated entirely by different religions and ideologies than the First Jewish-Roman War. The conflict, which erupted on the Palestinian territories in 66 AD during the reign … Read More