MA Veronika Vopelkova (Ethnologist, Company Assistance)

Veronika Vopelkova graduated in Culturology (Theory of Culture) from the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague. She has focused on integration of Arab muslims in Czech society. This research has included 30 interviews with immigrants from Arabic countries following Islam, visiting Czech mosques and meeting rooms and also collaborating with the Czech Organization for Aid to Refugees.

During her master’s studies at the Institute of Ethnology (Charles University), she focused on African studies, especially African cultures, African history and traditional African religions. In 2015, she undertook a one month long field work in the Northwest Province of Cameroon, where she carried out 111 questionnaires with people from Kedjom Keku. Moreover, she interviewed the local authorities and other influential persons. The main focus of her master’s thesis includes important ethnologist phenomenon, for example: witchcraft, faith in the spirits of ancestors (associated with the celebration of death) and traditional medicine practices.

Nowadays, she is working for an American company Rotor Clip s.r.o. She dedicates her free time to editing the website of the non-profit organization ShineBean and supporting education and empowerment of poor people in Kenya.